How to Camouflage Your Storage So Your Decor Stays Chic

It doesn’t matter how often you purge your unused belongings, you’ll probably still wind up with stuff that needs to be tucked away and kept out of sight. From your vacuum cleaner, to guest towels, to the kids’ toys, there’s always something that needs to be stored. But there’s only so much space to go around.

Thank goodness for creative storage ideas that camouflage your things without sacrificing chic style. And here are a few.

Under-the-Bed Storage

Instead of leaving the space under your bed to collect dust bunnies, use it for storage. Invest in some under-bed storage drawers or boxes that easily slip in and out of this under-used space. Clear out the dust, last week’s pizza slice, or that sock you’ve been looking for months for, and neatly tuck in a drawer to house everything from CDs, to blankets, to all the Mother’s Day cards your kids made for you over the years. And if you can get these drawers on wheels, it’ll be that much easier to access.

Built-In Shoe Shelves

If you’re like a good chunk of homeowners, then you most likely have shoes and boots sprinkled all over your house. Not only does it look messy, it also makes it nearly impossible to find a complete pair of shoes and make it out the door in time for work.

A simple and cost-effective solution is to install a few shelves on a discreet, unused corner of your home. Even if every square inch of your home’s walls are exposed, just make sure every pair of pumps and sneakers are neatly placed. Your friends will probably even admire those designer platforms that you have the good fortune to own!storageshoes

Basket Your Belongings

Baskets and fabric bins are the perfect things to store all your little doodads and gismos in while still keeping them on display on shelves or under tables. But of course, the ideal spots for these babies is in the bathroom, where they can house things like hand towels, toilet paper, toiletries, makeup, or anything else that needs a home. Get yourself wicker baskets that are lined with cotton material that can be easily removed and washed as needed.storagebaskets

Make Use of the Space Under Your Stairs

Have you got an open space under your staircase? Then use it! Even if you don’t have the budget available to have a custom-made storage space made, use your creative juices to come up with something functional. For example, simple storage boxes from Ikea can transform into chic cubbyholes that you can use to throw all your knick knacks in. Go the extra mile and cover the boxes with eclectic wallpaper cut-outs to create a chic display.

Hide Behind the Curtains

A simple strip of fabric can go a long way when it comes to keeping your stuff out of sight while still upholding a sense of style in your home. Curtains can really come to the rescue if you’ve got a wall of clutter on your bookcases or built-in shelves. And if you match the curtains covering your shelves to those draping over your windows in the same room, you can make the look can appear more polished and classy.

Go For Double-Duty Furniture Pieces

Who days your coffee table just has to be a coffee table? Or your ottoman just an ottoman? You can easily find furniture pieces that perform double functions to help you add storage space to your home while keeping it looking sleek. Your nightstand can double as a linen closet, and your coffee table can open up into your book and magazine hub. If you’re going to fill your home with furniture, make it work for you in the storage department.

Especially when square footage is sparse, these storage ideas can come in pretty handy. Don’t let your stuff take over your home – get creative to keep your belongings out of sight so you don’t have to forfeit you stylish decor.storageunderbed